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Sacramento and San Francisco Family Law Lawyer

Alan Mikshansky

Alan Mikshansky is a highly experienced and knowledgeable family law lawyer with over 10 years of litigation experience. Whether you need legal counsel to settle family law disputes voluntarily out of court or you need legal representation for litigation, Alan Mikshansky will fight fiercely for your rights and those of your loved ones. He has vast courtroom experience in the Sacramento Superior Court system for all aspects of California family law and divorce.

Alan Mikshansky personally supervises each and every family law and divorce case at the office, from financially complex issues to sensitive matters involving child custody and visitation.

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I can help you to:


Handle the divorce process from start to finish


Avoid costly errors that cause delays and frustration


Handle any issues that arise during the divorce process


Save you time and money through peaceful divorce negotiation

I can work with you to develop a divorce agreement plan and prepare all the legal documents without having your spouse come to my office. I understand this process on the professional and personal levels. I, too, have been through a divorce. I understand what you’re going through. I have been in your shoes. You are feeling lost and alone, and need help. You will probably even be bringing anger, anxiety, hurt, and disbelief to the table. I will be your guide through the divorce process by planning for divorce with the proper divorce support and advice. This is what is going to make a huge difference in the outcome.


My goal as your family law lawyer is to protect your future by helping get through divorce proceedings without excessive costs and with dignity and integrity intact.

Why to talk to family lawyer about your divorce?

Many people who end up in my office because after trying to get through the divorce process on their own. But more often than not, they run into difficulties and complications. They become so frustrated and overwhelmed that they eventually turn to an attorney to get things straightened out.

If the process is handled correctly from the start, then the divorce can be achieved with relative ease, without leaving you emotionally and financially strained. However, if you allow the process to drag out, it can become a source of needless contention, frustration, and expense.

No matter where you are in your divorce action—contact me today and I can help you!

I decided that I wanted to assist people from the start of the divorce process to help them avoid complications and drawn-out and costly legal battles, so they can move on with their lives more quickly and in better financial shape.

What should be your next steps?

Call me today at 916-692-8224, fill out the contact form below, or send an email to set up an appointment to discuss your divorce situation and your options.

Let me take this burden off of your shoulders—just discussing your divorce goals will help you feel better.

Credentials: Licensed attorney California State Bar No. 269718 with a focus on divorce and family law.

Contact Family Law Lawyer Alan Mikshansky today!

Contact Family Law Lawyer Alan Mikshansky today!

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