California Child Support

     child supportSacramento Child Support Lawyer  Mr. Alan Mikshansky can advise you about what to expect in the California child support process, issues to consider, and how to respond when a spouse does not comply with his or her child support obligations. One of the first concerns many clients have is about the amount of child support they will pay or receive after divorce.

     In California child support issues, an established formula determines the amount of support, this formula takes into account the income of both parents and special needs the child(ren) may have. However, the  child support amount is not necessarily predictable. While the formula can’t be changed, the parties may dispute the amounts used in the formula.

Defining Income and Need for Child Support

     child support agreementWhen a parent earns a salary or hourly wage, it is easier for two parties to establish income and plug it into the formula. This isn’t always the situation, however. Especially with high-net-worth individuals, a parent may earn income on an irregular basis. He or she may receive income through several businesses; investments; or other, more complex means.

     Often, people use accounting or finance professionals to investigate the true income value. These professionals work with attorneys to establish the facts, and, when necessary, the child support attorney may bring the case to court when one of the parties isn’t open about the income involved.

Sacramento Child Support Lawyer Mr. Alan Mikshansky

     As an experienced Sacramento child support lawyer,  Alan Mikshansky can manage this process to provide you with a successful outcome. He is an expert who has spent years assisting clients with these challenging matters. His experience in business and finance means that he can help you establish fair values for child support formulas.

     In many cases, both parties want to resolve disputes without the expense and time required for a trial. Mr. Alan Mikshansky will represent you in settlement discussions, and he will work with the opposing party to achieve a favorable decision through compromise. Should the other party be unwilling to resolve your child support concerns, he will effectively litigate the case on your behalf for the best possible result.

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