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     You may wish to change the court’s decision in a divorce, child support, or child custody case. As a Sacramento Judgment Modification Attorney, Alan Mikshansky assists clients in modifying these types of court orders

About Post-Judgment Modifications

     Post-Judgment ModificationsWhen the court finalizes a divorce decree and related issues, it establishes new rights and responsibilities for you and your former spouse. Complying with the agreement is important because it helps you to move past the divorce and because staying in compliance protects you from court sanctions and penalties.

     However, the circumstances of your life may change in a way that requires modifying the court order. You may no longer be able to afford payments, or you may need to prevent your former spouse from taking certain actions related to your children.

     Making judgment modifications is a complicated task. It requires getting a judge to change a decision that has already been made, so many courtrooms place a high burden of proof. Mr. A. Mikshansky, as an experienced legal counsel, can represent you effectively in these divorce & family law matters.

Cause for Modification of a Divorce Judgment

     Cause-for-ModificationThe most common judgment modification requests in Sacramento are for child custody, child support, and spousal support issue. These provisions usually can only be altered if there is a significant change in your circumstances. Some examples:

     For child custody, you may require a modification if the custodial parent is planning to move to a different city or state with the children.

     For spousal support, if you are the one who provides support and your income changes substantially, it may warrant a modification in the amount you should pay.

     For child support, your children may require additional financial aid due to the growing costs of care. Mr. A. Mikshansky can help you to make this case to the court.

Modifying a Court Order through Mediation

   mediation over a courtroom  The Sacramento Law Offices of Alan Mikshansky recommends mediation over a courtroom trial for judgment modifications. The process is a less expensive and less time-consuming option. It also provides a more predictable outcome.

     As a Judgment Modification Attorney Mr. A. Mikshansky will work with you and with the other party to find a resolution. Modifying the court order through cooperation rather than a combative trial can benefit both parties and help you achieve your goals.

     To explore options for judgment modifications, contact our legal practice to schedule a consultation.

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